Digital Domain provides companies with their digital passport to the online world. Put simply, we provide marketing solutions that leverage new technologies to increase our client’s competitiveness and their ability to acquire and retain customers. Our talented team use all channels of the online marketing spectrum — Web Design and Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Facebook Apps and Social Media Campaigns — with full-service strategic, creative and production capabilities.

Digital and social channels are the fastest growing means of customer interaction.

Are you ready?


Social Media Marketing

Did you know Social Media can be a powerful tool for your business? Digital Domain connects brands with consumers by building communities, reaching influencers, and developing exceptional, user-centric content. Our expertise stretches from social business strategy to content development, community management and facebook competition applications. Leverage the power of social media to share, inspire, and connect with your customers on a whole new level.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is the fuel for search engine performance. If you want to improve your website’s ranking in Google searches, SEM is the answer. It drives relevant traffic to your brand’s platforms, opportunities for new conversions arise with the potential of immediately impacting sales and creating long-term relationships.

Web Design & Development

It is paramount that your audience is engaged from the very instant they set eye’s on any page of your website. Unfortunately many websites have not evolved to meet the new demands placed upon them, especially when viewed on mobile devices. All our websites are built to respond to these dynamic demands, ensuring you and your content will be seen as it should be

Email Marketing

One of the earliest methods of online marketing, Email Direct Marketing is still one of the most frequently used methods to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business. Because of it’s wide use, creating effective campaigns that stand out from the crowd take expertise. If you have an existing database that you want to engage, we can help make it a success.

Branding & Design

We realise the importance of first impressions and initial perception. How your brand is seen in the market place can reflect more of your service quality than you realise. If your brand is looking dated and tired, then we can help. Using intelligent design and contemporary trends we can create a new profile that will give strength and positioning to your business.


Post campaign, all clients are supplied with detailed reporting and statistics. These insights can give you new a understanding of your customers and possibly discover new ways to engage with them. This market research is a valuable resource for any business.


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